About Woma-Nutrients

Woma-Nutrients was founded because we wanted to do it differently than the others. We have the vision to found something that is simple, but effective.

After a few years of testing with nutrients we have managed to make the right combinations. The marks we did not loose out of our sight, are quality, the concentrate and the user friendliness of the nutrition.

The nutrition we have brought to the market is extensively tested by experts and characterized as positive. The leading factor is the crop. After that it was easy… keep it simple… and we started the 123 concept. Three nutrients, that’s all you need to get to a great result!

The result is the main issue. That’s why quality checks of the products are number 1 priority. When we are not content with a particular specification of the product, we will not provide it to the customer.

We can be that accurate because we make the fabric ourselves. We keep a close eye on the process.


Basic Nutrition Nr. 1

Basic nutrition No 1 is a very complete, concentrated basic nutrition in powder form which, only used on earth of cocos, solves completely.

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Root Stimulator Nr. 2

Root stimulator No 2 is a very powerful rootstimulator. Due to the balanced mix of hormones, this stimulator is non comparable to other products!

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Booster Nr. 3

Flowering stimulator No 3 is a stimulator that makes your plants significantly stronger. Besides that, plants are also more resistant to diseases and pests.

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