Rootstimulator Nr. 2

Number 2 is a root stimulator that works very powerful. So powerful that even if it is a flowering plant, it may be given up to 3 weeks.

Number 2 is a very powerful root stimulator. That powerful that when it’s given to a flowering crop it can only be given for 3 weeks maximum.

  • The stimulator takes care of a very strong root system
  • An increased and equal growth of the crop
  • The rooting of the plant will increase visibly


Basic Nutrition Nr. 1

Basic nutrition No 1 is a very complete, concentrated basic nutrition in powder form which, only used on earth of cocos, solves completely.

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Root Stimulator Nr. 2

Root stimulator No 2 is a very powerful rootstimulator. Due to the balanced mix of hormones, this stimulator is non comparable to other products!

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Booster Nr. 3

Flowering stimulator No 3 is a stimulator that makes your plants significantly stronger. Besides that, plants are also more resistant to diseases and pests.

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