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The revolutionary nutrition line where quality, concentrate and user-friendliness are paramount

With the Woma 1-2-3 nutrient line, replacing your soil is a thing of the past! The result of years of testing with various nutrients that fully cover the crop's element uptake and are therefore fully balanced. Which guarantees a strong and healthy crop after crop after crop. Thanks to strict quality control, high concentration and user-friendliness, the three products in the 1-2-3 nutrient line give you everything you need to achieve a perfect end result. Every time again!

The nutrition line consists of No. 1 Basic nutrient, No. 2 Root stimulator and No. 3 Hardener/booster

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Woma-Tuintechniek: keep it simple!


At Woma Tuintechniek, quality control of our products is number one, with the crop always being the leading factor.


Our Woma 1-2-3 nutrition line is very easy to use. We provide clear feeding schedules, so you will always achieve a perfect end result!


The Woma 1-2-3 nutrition line has been extensively tested, with the crop being the leading factor. With the three nutrients, you will always achieve the best result.


Woma Garden Technology has been developing and supplying leading nutrients for your crop since 2011.


Woma focuses on sustainability, never replacing soil with the balanced ph perfect system, and the balanced 1-2-3 concept.


We want to deliver a high-quality product that is easy to use and also highly effective. Keep it simple!

How to use Woma 1-2-3?

Woma 1-2-3 is very easy to use, read how here!


Soilclean is a natural soil conditioner based on probiotic rhizobacteria and fungi. Use of Soilclean increases the vitality and resilience of soil life and keeps the soil in top condition.

Keep it simple!

Woma-Tuintechniek was created because we want to do things differently from the rest. We have the vision to create something that is quite simple, but very effective.

The end result is what matters in the end. That is why quality control of products is our number one priority. If we are not satisfied with a particular specification of the product, we will not supply it to consumers.